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GreenKey’s technology focuses on converting agricultural and marine biomass and waste into sustainable pulp and extractions designed for use in the paper, film, packaging, and dissolving cellulose industries.

Turning biomass into nanocellulose offers several benefits, mainly providing a sustainable and renewable alternative to traditional materials. By utilizing agricultural and marine biomass, like hemp and sargassum, our technology reduces the dependency on fossil fuels and minimizes waste.

Nanocellulose exhibits exceptional mechanical properties, including high strength and stiffness, making it a promising material for reinforcing paper and composites. The production of nanocellulose can also stimulate rural economies, creating opportunities for communities and promoting the development of a bio-based industry.

Ultimately, the conversion of biomass into nanocellulose offers environmental, economic, and technological advantages contributing to a more sustainable future. And GreenKey’s patent-pending technology is at the forefront of this evolutionary transformation.

Crisis to opportunity

A 5000-mile-wide swath of Sargassum threatens beach communities across the US, the Caribbean and Mexico. Processing technology, created by GreenKey, offers a sustainable solution to meet this challenge.

Sargassum not only creates a smelly, unsightly mess, it also off-gases sulfur as it rots creating a hazard for those with respiratory issues.    

Sargassum inundation costs municipalities millions in annual clean up, disposal and lost tourism. GreenKey harvests sargassum turning it into sustainable, organic nanocellulose.

Nanocellulose can be used to create:

  • Medical applications such as bandages and absorbents
  • Additives to strengthen paper and biopolymers
  • Excipient in pharmaceuticals 
  • Emulsion agent for paints and coatings
  • Viscose in the production of rayon fiber
  • 3D printing applications
  • Components used in batteries for electric vehicles.


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 GreenKey is forging an exciting new future, tapping in to sustainable raw material sources to bring high quality products to market.

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